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Ladies and gentlemen, I have taken part in a contest!
A t-shirt design contest to be exact, for D&D on

First prize is $1000, and 4 runners up will win $300. Any picked pieces will be considered being turned into official merchandise and all that entails.

Nothing to sniff at, eh?

Links below if you'd like to help out for voting for my tee, the scoring system works on a 1-5 system with 5 being the best. you may have to create an account to vote, but it doesn't take too long and you would have my eternal gratitude.

don't forget to have a look at and vote for other peoples tee's too afterwards, its only fair.…

(It should be the one with a smiling mage person with horns and a "roll for X" banner below him)

Thanks for reading, and heres hoping for the best!
...I'll be attending BUCK in Manchester, UK, again this year!

However, I'll be a vendor this time around, peddling my wares to all and sundry (alongside representing Legends of Equestrias Art peoples on some kind of talky-in-front-of-peopley thing, which is also a new development)

As a result of this and actually getting my buns in gear in regards to uploading new and improved art, there should be new and improved art here soon.

Like, maybe this week.

Definitely this month.

Heres hoping all goes well.

thanks for reading!
After much deliberation, soul searching, and other thinky-stuffery, I have come to the conclusion to not move to the new DA profile and associated tumblr page I talked about in the last journal. I'll be staying right here and rebooting everything for a new age, a new era of my life.

Lets call it "the Art Age", it follows straight after all the other great and lengthy "Profession ages" of yore.

Once again this will take a while, it'll probably get properly undertaken in my summer holidays after art college, but for now; thanks for everyone who stuck around and for those who will continue to do so!

Apologies about the kerfuffle of saying I'm moving and then not doing so, hopefully there wasn't any trouble involved.

Onwards and upwards!
Well, as the title says: 

(pause whilst waiting for everyone to re-read it)

Yeah, its been a damned long time. how'ya all doin'? Well I hope in this maelstrom of change and wonder we call the present.

I've been getting sorted for art college, getting my art A-levels and generally organising my future. Its been a very busy time and I've had little time to upload any of the many new pieces of artwork I've created, so sorry for anyone who actually enjoyed looking at my work as it came and sorry to anyone I promised a request to. my bad, I've just had no time and when I have its usually spent on something really important. or eating.

Anyhway, just dropping a little line to let anyone who cares know that I'm still alive and doing pretty well, I'll probably be moving to a new account eventually and taking all my serious "I'm gonna be an artist now for da rest of my lyfe" shenanigans with me to there. this account will still remain active but It'll probably cease to be updated with anything that is remotely serious from now on, it'll be a social and fun account for all to play in and a vault of memories gone past.

(New account is here:   by the way, it'll still probably be awhile before its actually finished or has anything uploaded to it. still busy as heck)

Welp, thats all for now. I'll be off to go do more things and I hope the best for whatever you're hoping for too.